I am often asked, “What is the best kind of treatments for Bed Bugs?” The answer to this question is not easily answerable. Extermination methods may be different from person to person and organization to organization. For instance, a healthcare organization might handle the remediation totally different that say – a hotel. However, the overwhelming majority of experts will tell you Thermal, or Heat Remediation is the most effective of all the methods. The great thing about heat remediation is that the results are more immediate. Thermal treatments will take hours compared to chemical treatments that can take week’s or even months to eliminate the bed bug situation.

Below is a video of a Pest Control company performing heat remediation. BEWARE – it’s more bugs than normal and is not for the squeamish.

Freeze treatments can also be an effective way to treat for bed bugs. Freeze, or “Cryonite” treatments can be effective in commercial settings such as hosptials, offices, churches, vehicles, etc. The other advantage of Freeze treatments is that it is the safest method available to people and to their belongings. A big downside to freeze treatments is that the area’s being treated are very precise. I only recommend this kind of treatment to areas will very little or no clutter, and without a large infestation present.

The most important aspect of treatment is the resident or clients preparation. Even with the finest methods and best pest control companies, treatment may not be effective if people do not comply with the pre-treatment checklist supplied by the pest control professionals.

The upside to heat and freeze treatments is that we can bring our highly trained canines through the same or next day to determine if the treatment got rid of the bed bugs and all of the eggs. This can be especially important with a pest control warranty  If you are worried about bed bug issues please call 614-747-3463 for unbiased treatment information. We can diagnose problem areas, point you in the right direction for treatment and follow up after treatment to ensure it was effective.