Columbus, OH has now been ranked within the top 5 most bed bug infested cities. With higher volume of people traveling and moving, summer and fall seem to be the peak seasons for bed bug infestations. So what are some signs of these blood sucking pests?

Bed Bugs typically are only active at night while we sleep. During the majority of the day, bed bugs like to hide in places like the box springs, bed frame, mattress, head board, behind picture frames, baseboards, in night stands, curtains, and any other hiding places you may have in your room. Because bed bugs are experts at remaining undetected, infestations can get out of control before they are ever noticed.

To help you identify a bed bug issue before it gets out of control, below is a list of 5 signs and symptoms that you may have bed bugs:

  1. Bed Bug fecal matter / stains. Live bed bugs and Bed Bug fecal matter can look like medium to large specs of pepper.  The first place this is typically noticed is on your mattress so it is important to clean your sheets often in order to identify any of these spots early on. Remember, the fecal matter will stain fabric, so if it can be easily be wiped off, it’s most likely not fecal matter.
    sign of bed bug activity
  2. Cast skins of bed bugs. Soon after a meal, a growing bed bug will leave behind a translucent to brown-colored shell. Immature bed bugs, termed bed-bug-nymphs, will shed their skin 5 times before reaching adulthood.                                   bed-bug-nymphs
  3. Bed Bug bites / rashes. While this bed bug symptom might be the first that comes to mind for most, everyone’s allergic reaction to bed bug bites can dramatically vary from one person to another. Roughly 40% of people bitten may not have any reaction to a bite. For others, it may take up to two weeks after getting bitten to have bumps and rashes appear. Some people will have bites that can swell to the size of a quarter, while for other people bites will just slightly turn a little red. Some people have very itchy and painful reactions, while others may never feel the first itch.  One thing that seems to be fairly common is that bed bugs like to bite in rows of 3, typically following in line with a vein close to the skin.
  4.   Bed Bug Eggs.  These eggs look similar in color to grains of rice, but only about 1/4 of the size. They are often more difficult to find than skins or fecal matter, but can be prevalent during heavier infestations. Just one pregnant female can lay up to 500 eggs during a lifetime of 9 months, which means infestations can grow extremely fast.
  5. Bed Bugs themselves. Bed Bugs look similar to apple seeds. They can be a similar shape and color but are as flat as a credit card. Their super thin bodies enable them to hide in a vast amount of small cracks and crevices in your home. After a blood meal, bed bugs will appear a dark red and their bodies will balloon from gorging on blood.                                                                                  bb hand

Due to bed bugs’ expertise in hiding, it may take quite some time to notice bed bug signs and by then, the infestation can grow tremendously, along with the cost to eliminate the bed bugs.  Our highly trained canines will be able to tell you if there are any bed bug issues in your home by detecting even one live bed bug or viable egg. Call 614-747-3463 to be sure your home is bed bug free!

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