It was no shock to me to see that Columbus is in the top 5 most infested cities. According to the “Columbus Dispatch” article released yesterday, Columbus has risen in the rankings of America’s most infested Bed Bug cities.

Why are bed bugs so rampant in Ohio?

Why are bed bugs so rampant in Ohio?

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The reason for such a sudden resurgence of bed bugs still is somewhat of a mystery to entomologists. However, one thing they know for sure is that bed bugs’ resistance to chemical pesticides is much different than in the 1940’s-1950’s. The U.S. uses more pesticides than any other country in the world. Over decades, bed bugs have developed immunity to the pesticides that don’t kill them. The bed bugs of today have a resistance to pesticides that makes them genetically different from bed bugs of the past and could almost be considered a “Super Bed Bug.”

But that is true of all the U.S. so why are Ohio’s large cities infested?

1) Ohio, “The heart of it all,” is a hub.

Ohio is a national leader in several key logistics-related categories. Bed Bugs thrive from hitchhiking on luggage and other personal belongings. Bed Bugs are frequently found in dwellings with a high rate of occupant turnover, such as hotels, dorm rooms, apartment complexes, and movie theaters, etc. With several large universities and a booming hospitality industry, Ohio’s cities definitely fit the bill!

2) Columbus is in the top 10 most growing cities in the U.S.

Due to the transient nature of Columbus’ citizens, bed bugs are bound to take a toll on the population. Columbus also has a growing number of immigrant populations. Interestingly, in some countries, having Bed Bugs is not considered as bad of a pest as they are considered by most Americans. Columbus also has a great deal of domestic travelers, including college students, business transplants, etc. They all may contribute to the city’s bed bug issues.

Now those are just a couple reasons why I think they thrive in Ohio. Does anyone have their own theories? Please share, comment, and like our Facebook page!

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