Is your home at risk for bedbugs?

If you live anywhere in Ohio, you live in the middle of an epidemic for bed bugs.

Other factors that contribute to your home’s risk for bed bugs: How often you travel or have house guests, Bringing a bag/coat with you when leaving your home, If you or someone you know attends school, Living in an apartment/multi-unit building, Moving (buying or renting) in the near future, and more. Our bed bug detecting team of dogs can help!

Bed bugs do not discriminate – ANYONE CAN GET BEDBUGS!

“How do I know if I have bed bugs?”

No matter how new, well-insulated, or clean your home is today, you can have bedbugs. They are known for hitch-hiking their way into your home from infested locations by hiding in coats, bags, pockets, etc. Infestations are not limited by economic status or cleanliness, and can be picked up anywhere including:

Hotels & Motels, Movie Theaters, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Public Transportation, Airports, Car Seats, Suitcases, Blankets, Clothing, Mattresses & Bedding, Furniture

Recommendations & Treatment

If our scent detection team locates bedbugs in your home in Columbus or Cincinnati, time is of the essence! We will offer unbiased recommendations and can assist you in locating a licensed and certified bedbug exterminator. We can also return for a 2nd visit when the exterminator is finished to ensure that all bedbugs were eliminated.

Pricing for Proactive services will vary by the size of area being inspected and number of times inspection is scheduled. Discounts may be given for return visits. Please call or email us for details!