We have recently inspected several homes of people who thought they might have bed bugs issues. These people have seen no evidence of bed bugs but they’ve been getting what they thought were bites.

After bringing our canines through and determining that their homes were bed bugs free, it left them puzzled.  What were the rashes and bumps on their bodies?

After following up with one of the clients, their dermatologist determined that they were having skin rashes due to the extreme cold temperatures that we are experiencing. Bed Bug bites can sometimes bed a case of mistaken identity. Also, people can develop a rash do to many different things including  food, cold, fever, emotion, stress, medicine, etc.

Bed Bug bites are different for everyone.  So, it’s difficult to compare bites to pictures on the internet or other people’s bites.  After some get bit the allergic reaction can be very painful and/or itchy which will also swell up significantly. On the other side of the spectrum, roughly 1 in every 3 people has little or no reaction to the bites.

However, one thing that bed bug bites have in common is that bed bugs like to bite in rows. (Often, people will notice 3 bites in a row) This is unlike many rashes or other insects that will bite here and there.

The good news about bed bug bites is that unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases.

If you think that you may have a bed bug issues please call us, our canines are trained to sniff out these champions of hide and seek! Daisy and Susie can even find 1 bed bug! Call 614-747-3463 for a free consultation!