Hurry! The free natural way to thermally remediate or “Heat Treat” will most likely becoming to an end very soon! Fall is around the corner but right not we are experiencing near record September highs for today and tomorrow in Columbus, OH.

high temps can kill bed bugs!

high temps can kill bed bugs!

How is this good news and how will it kill bed bugs? Bed Bugs begin to die at 113 degrees Fahrenheit and over. Today, your vehicle should be able to reach these kill temperatures.

Quick and simple directions:

1) Put any small items in your vehicle that you think may have been affected by bed bugs like luggage, purses, bags, etc.

2) Roll all the windows up, and park your vehicle in a non-shaded area. (Black-tar parkig lots are the best)  Try to avoid thermal air pockets by not stacking fabric or blankets too thick.

3) Let your vehicle set outside for as long as possible.

Obviously do not put any living animal, person, plants, or any of that nonsense in the vehicle. Also, items like old plastics, cd’s, and  pictures could possibly be ruined. Bed Bug Inspector, LLC is not responsible for any damages or accidental deaths, or bed bug deaths that do NOT occur!

Good luck! This natural heat remediation method may just be your best and obviously cheapest bed bug treatment!

Feel free to call 614-747-FIND (3463) for any extra tips. Also please call to setup a bed bug inspection by using our trained and certified scent detection dogs! The nose knows!

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