Why has the bed bug problem been so bad in recent years?

There are many reasons that bed bugs thrive, especially in Ohio. Perhaps, no reason more than the effectiveness of bed bug pesticides.

hot shot spray

bed bug insecticides sold at a hardware store

People often make mistakes early on, when they suspect or know they have bed bug issues  in their home or business. A typical “Knee-Jerk” reaction is to go to a hardware store and buy “Bug Bombs” or other “over the counter sprays.”

The problem with these chemical insecticides is that they are pretty much completely ineffective ways to kill bed bugs. And what usually happens is these pesticides spread the problem, instead of making it better. Bed bugs will actually try to get away from these “bombs” and move into un-infested areas of the building! But don’t just take my word for it, watch NBC’s video on how Dr. Susan Jones, Associate Entomologist at The Ohio State University, demonstrates the ineffectiveness of over the counter pesticides by following the link below:



WHY does the EPA allow these companies to sell these pesticides?

Like the video mentioned, some of the bed bugs sprays are contact killers, but you have to spray it directly on the bugs. And it is very hard to actually get these sprays directly on the bedbugs to kill them due to their expertise in hiding! Also, the EPA is not really concerned about the effectiveness of the pesticides, but how the pesticides may effect the environment.

Every bed bug situation is different.

If you are concerned about bed bugs, let us bring our certified canine bed bug scent detection team(s) out to see exactly what kind of bed bugs issues you may be dealing with. From there, we can recommend the best treatment for your unique situation. Call us at 614-747-3463.