“Bedbugs and ticks represent two types of blood-sucking pests. Bedbugs are insects, while ticks are related to spiders and scorpions. Bedbugs and ticks feed on humans, dogs, cats and chickens. Unlike bedbugs, ticks attach themselves to their hosts.”

The picture of the tick clearly shows that it is diffferent than a bed bug.

Tick’s have more defined appendages.

Bed bug nymph  on fingers

Bed bugs look like an apple-seed shape, and are as flat as a credit card.







Bed bug’s a transferred by human activities in public places, visiting friends or relatives homes, or buying furniture /appliances from stores. Bed Bugs are an inside pest, and will not survive easily outdoors.

Ticks are almost always picked up outdoors and are found in wetlands or wooded locations. “Bedbugs live in dark, dry places, such as beds, mattresses, furniture and behind wallpaper.

Although bedbug bites can be annoying, bedbugs do not pose a serious public health risk. Bed Bugs can leave allergic rash reactions  Ticks sometimes carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

When it comes to killing bed bugs: “Fumigation, insecticides and thoroughly cleaning contaminated articles removes bedbugs. Remove ticks from the skin by pulling the tick straight out with tweezers.”

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