The answer is NO- or at least very, very unlikely. There is 0 evidence to support that it has any effect  After speaking about this subject in a group full of bed bug experts, we all came to the conclusion that it probably doesn’t even repel bed bugs.

Image of a bed bug closeup

Image of a bed bug closeup

How about the ultrasonic electromagnetic device that keeps bed bugs and other bed bugs out?

No. These devices were tested by entomologist and not only did they not work, the bugs showed absolutely no change in behavior.

So far there is no gizmo or device that will keep bed bugs from you if there is an established infestation. However, it may be possible that some bed bug repellants might keep bed bugs away from your belongings before you get an infestation.

Febreeze and fabric softeners can’t hurt but they may not help at all. Be very careful before buying bed bug repellents, they are most likely a rip–off and can possibly be toxic.

Please check back soon for how to prevent picking up bed bugs.